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Testimonial from Brian & Carolyn Clegg
Location: Bellmere
New Home

“We would like to take this opportunity to let Milo and any prospective clients know what a professional design service he provides.

After 2 years of searching we bought our magic 4 acres of land with a picturesque dam.  We had a vision of the house we wanted to build to make the most of the setting and preserve the tranquility and rural essence of the block.  We needed someone who could see the vision too and bring it to reality in a design.

When we met Milo we knew after our initial discussion with him that he understood what we were wanting and could also visualise what we were trying to express.  He drew plans for us that en-captured just what we were seeing in our minds and discussing with him. 

He is a man with great patience and understanding, who is driven to providing just what you want and see in your vision. In addition to this Milo has wide ranging knowledge of the building industry, current trends and latest architectural designs structures, and has provided us with some superb ideas to incorporate in the plan which we have taken advantage of. 

At times we thought our dream would not be able to become reality because of budgetary restraints but at these times when I was ready to give up his enthusiasm and drive would take over and I would feel his confidence that we could achieve our goal. We never ever saw any negatives from him, he is always very positive and enthusiastic.

Milo also has an extremely good knowledge of cost and pricing, given the time he has spent in this field, and that has been an added bonus when working to a budget. 

We have spent quite a number of hours with Milo and enjoyed every one of them always feeling that our project was as important to him as it was to us.  The end result is that we have a wonderful plan for our house with all the features and characteristics that we envisioned.  Milo’s plan is everything we could wish for and it will maintain the integrity of the setting and blend in with the surrounds.  We are now preparing to build the dream thanks to Milo.

We would highly recommend him to anyone wanting design work done, he is honest, brilliantly capable, patient, understanding, knowledgeable and above all professional.

Thank you Milo for giving us the house we wanted.

Brian and Carolyn Clegg”

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